How to increase Will Power

How to get Will Power & Determination to Achieve Goals

Though the first step to achieving outrageous success in life is to set a goal but attainment of that goal depends on the strength of your Sankalpa. The more powerful is your Sankalpa or determination, the more likely you are to achieve any goal in your life.

Setting a goal is the easy part but creating that inner determined will to achieve it at any cost, come what may is the most difficult part.

Tony Robbins says: The path to success is to take massive, determined actions.

Pablo Picasso has said: Action is the foundational key to all success.

On this earthly life, no one can escape the cycle of action or karma. Not doing anything is also a karma, but its fruits are pain and misery. Vedant philosophy has mentioned Purushartha as Human Goals in life. So Action and Goals, Karma and the fruits of Karma are intrinsically interwoven. Our Buddhi or Intellect alone makes a human being superior to animals. Without this faculty of intellect the human beings are as good as animals only. Planning and improving our future is a natural function of the Intellect or Buddhi faculty.

As per Vedanta, you can have as many goals in life as you wish, but they can be classified under four major heads: 1. – Artha, 2. – Kāma 3. – Dharma 4. – Moksha So at whatever stage of life we are at currently, we must have

  1. Firstly, a worthy goal to achieve and 
  2. Secondly, the determination and will power to achieve it. 

Our scriptures name it as our Sankalpa Shakti. Without this sankalpa Shakti we would only remain dreamers in life. We shall be going really deep in this video, into the working of the mind and how to increase our inner determination and sankalpa Shakti to achieve any goal in life.

Our Intellect or Buddhi alongwith our Ego consciousness, Manas or Mind as well as Chitta, all the four components form what we call as our Antahkarana or psyche. And the most important karma that we must perform is to uncloud our Buddhi i.e purify our intellect. The association between Ahamkara and the memories in Chitta is the root problem. The problem, is not the Ego but the problem is that ego mistakenly takes on false identities. All that we must do is to letting go of the associations that have been made between the memories stored in Chitta and the I-ness of Ahamkara. This makes our Ahamkara more Stronger which we need to harness in a positive way.

People practicing Yoga often speak of kundalini awakening, which is an outpouring of kundalini shakti, with shakti being the primordial spiritual energy. However, there is a form of shakti that comes first, before kundalini shakti, and that is sankalpa shakti, which is the shakti of determination. It is that strong commitment on the spiritual journey that says, “I can do it! I will do it! I have to do it!” This is none other than the positive application of the force of Ahamkara, or ego. This is the positive, essential tool, which needs to be trained, cultivated, and utilized for achieving any goal of Human life. The goal could be related to Artha (or Wealth), Kama (pleasures of life) Dharma or Moksha.


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