Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning compassion and the intent is to nurture empathy towards ending the suffering of others. Thus it entails compassionate action to cease suffering on Earth. Compassion relates to the the ultimate spiritual concept of Oneness. Compassionate Karma heals oneself as one heal others. Reiki Masters have a special place for Karuna® Reiki in their hearts.

Karuna® Reiki therefore, aligns ones practice with spiritual awakening. One’s Intention is the key for Reiki healing.

William Lee Rand is credited with birthing of Karuna® Reiki in early 90’s. He received divine guidance and received a number of non-Usui symbols. He experimented the energy frequencies of the symbols through some of his energy sensitive students.

The more the Compassion we have for all living beings and the more is our inner purity of thoughts, emotions and action, the more will be the alignment and flow of Reiki Healing Energy.

How does Karuna® Reiki work? ?

Karuna® Reiki uses symbols which have compassionate energies connected to healing. Some Reiki Masters claim that Karuna® Reiki could be more powerful than Usui Reiki. Based on their research and experience there may be many reasons for this.

The term Reiki means ‘Universal Life Flow Energy’ and was in use prior to Dr. Usui even before the time of Lord Gautam Buddha. Therefore, Usui Reiki is just one form of Reiki healing.

Karuna Reiki Symbols

1. OM or AUM

Karuna Reiki Symbol OM AUM
Karuna Reiki Symbol OM AUM

हरिः । ओमित्येतदक्षरमिद्ँ सर्वं तस्योपव्याख्यानं भूतं भवद्भविष्यदिति सर्वमोङ्कार एव। यच्चान्यत्त्रिकालातीतं तदप्योङ्कार एव ।। 1.1.1 ।।

The 1st Shloka of Mandukya Upnishad opens with the explanation of the most powerful syllable OM.

Harih Aum! The syllable AUM is all the whole universe. The past, present and future is all AUM. And whatever else there is, beyond the time is also verily AUM.

Om or Aum is a powerful symbol of Karuna® Reiki. It is a sacred symbol of Hinduism. The OM Mantra is a roadmap for spiritual practices. There are four main levels of consciousness outlined in the OM (AUM) Mantra. Om represent the entire universe (Brahmaa) and is the source of all creation. The first sound of “A” represents the conscious or waking state, the sound of “U” represents the subtle, unconscious level of mind, the dream state, the sound of “M” represents the casual, subconscious deep sleep state and the fourth is the silence that follows the sound of Om which represents the absolute consciousness that illumines and pervades the three prior states. The practice of AUM through the levels of consciousness is, therefore, a direct route to the center of consciousness.

OM Mantra is suggested as a direct route to samadhi in Maharishi Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.


Karuna Reiki Symbol ZonarZonar represents 3 concentric infinity symbols standing for healing of past lives, karmic and inter dimensional issues. It is subtle and helps in the initial phases of deep cellular healing. Our cells carry painful memories from life after life, which create lots of issues in our current life. When used with Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Zonar helps release all the memories of traumatic events at cellular level. Zonar surfaces the memories upto our conscious level and releases them to the universe. It also intensifies distance healing. This symbol also works very well to access their past lives. Zonar drawn on the Solar Plexus helps access our past lives to heal the trauma. It reduces the emotional pain, helps to get rid of addictions, break repeated patterns and eliminating toxic relations from our life. This symbol also heals Inner Child issues issues, especially people who have suffered from abuse at childhood. It helps in releasing the issues of shame and unworthiness from the subconscious mind and also the suppressed traumatic memories of the abuse. Zonar gets us help from Archangel Gabrielle specially in child abuse cases. It is also used to heal epilepsy, relationship issues and body pains.


Karuna Reiki Symbol Halu

Halu is a more energetic form of Zonar. A pyramid is added to Zonar. It works at higher dimensions and much deeper levels. It brings alignment at physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions and leads to deep healing. This symbol breaks negative patterns in the unconscious mind.  It frees us from our ego. Halu strengthens our Solar plexus and makes us take responsibility of our thoughts, deeds and words. Halu clears blockages in our chakras. It opens us up to higher consciousness. Halu can also be used for psychic protections as well as pain associated with sexual and physical abuse issues. Healing is amplified when Zonar along with Harth is drawn.



Karuna Reiki Symbol Harth

Harth is used mainly for issues related to the heart, (emotional or physical) like Love, Beauty, and Harmony. It removes blocks, fills the void with compassionate love and uproots fears. It is a sort of emotional symbol. It lets us experience unconditional love and helps in healing broken relationships. Compassionate actions can only be performed with an open heart. Harth can also be used to heal suicidal instincts. It protects us from psychic attacks and helps release addiction. It helps in separating the reality and ego.  Harth connects us to the higher realms, any Archangel or Ascended Master or guide for seeking special blessings.


Karuna Reiki Symbol RAMA

Rama refers to God or Lord Rama. The two right ticks are the Yin & Yang, the male and female energy. The spiral in between represents merging of the male and female energy. It is a symbol of joy and happiness. It helps in grounding by creating a direct link to mother earth’s energy. It helps cleanse all the chakras.  It helps in manifestion of materialistic goals. It also helps in cleaning and purification of crystals. This symbol merges the energies of CKR and SHK and can be combined with CKR and SHK to magnify the energy of healing. It helps in removing negative energy from any place. Combined with Shanti and Gnosa it balances the mind and provides mental peace. It also improves relationships and bondage. For stronger distance healing it can be combined with Zonar or HSZSN. 


Karuna Reiki Symbol GNOSA

Gnosa helps us connect with the higher self and clears clutter from our mind It  opens our chakras and increase awareness thereby affecting deep healing. It brings awareness about the spiritual and deeper truth about things. It helps in quick learning of various physically demanding activities like dancing, sports, martial arts as well as playing musical instruments. It is good for students to clear their minds and improves their communication skills. Combined with Rama symbol it helps in manifestation. 


Karuna Reiki Symbol KRIYA

Kriya is a double CKR symbol one part being clockwise and the other half anti-clockwise. It helps in manifestation and healing. Both clockwise and anticlockwise symbols can be drawn with both hands simultaneously. The clock wise symbol has masculine energy and connects one to the heaven and the other to the earth and has feminine energy. This symbol can be used in various situations,


aruna Reiki Symbol IAVA

IAVA helps us to realise that we create our own future. It helps us in goal setting and develop strong persistence. It helps us in removing the veil of ego consciousness. It helps us realise that we are responsible for our own happiness not of others. It motivates us to take action to fulfill the true purpose of our lives and makes us enjoy our work. It helps in overcoming addiction along with Harth. IAVA helps deep connection to Mother Nature.


Karuna Reiki Symbol SHANTI

Shanti is a Hindi word which means peace. It helps to heal the past, create harmony in the present and release the future. In combination with Rama Kriya, it helps us to manifest our true goals which may have been forgotten in the daily life routine. It helps release our fears and insecurities while drawing on the Third eye. It helps overcoming nightmares, insomnia and restlessness or panic attacks. It has a soothing effect for chronic fatigue specially when drawn on Solar plexus and Third eye. Helps to let go of worries and the past It helps developing clairvoyance.