Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation – 21 Day Challenge For Healing Negative Thoughts & Emotions

Mindfulness is a mental state that involves being fully focused on “the now” or the present moment. Various types of meditation schools whether Transcendental Meditation or Vipassana or Mindfulness all acknowledge the importance of present moment awareness. Because this is all that is. It’s the ultimate truth. Heartfulness or Mindfulness meditation is really good because it allows your energy scattered in the past and the future to be brought back into the present moment. You are then able to focus completely on whatever you are doing in the present moment.

The present moment allows us to acknowledge and accept our thoughts, sensations, and feelings in a state of non-judgment. Mindfulness meditation is a meditative practice to train the mind to slow down our continuous stream of thoughts, calm our mind and body as well as let go of negative thoughts.

Though there are various techniques of Mindfulness, but in most cases, mindfulness meditation involves awareness of body and mind as well as a breathing practice.

Mindfulness meditation does not require the help of any person who has an advanced knowledge in understanding the esoterics of meditation and mindfulness.

Some people feel meditative when music is playing. Digital detox soothing music is one such category that people like to play while meditating. But this kind of meditative process is slightly different from Mindfulness meditation. Music takes you away into an imaginative state away from the present moment awareness. While Mindfulness is basically present moment awareness in whatever you are doing. It is said if you be aware of every moment of anything you are doing, you would be in a meditative state since your mind would be in the present and not in the past or future.

You do not need to say any commentary or say what is happening in your surroundings. You just have to watch your thoughts. No props or any preparations are required for practicing mindfulness meditation. All you need is a comfortable place to sit, 5 to 15 minutes of free time where no one can disturb you, and a non-judgmental mindset.

Try this meditation given below for 21 days and experience the powerful positive changes within you and your life!!


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