What is Reiki Energy and how does it work?

Reiki Healing is an ancient Japanese method of healing. It channels life force energy to balance the body and mind. The quantum of energy one can channelize is a function of inner purity.  Panch Kosha Reiki Healing increases purity of inner self, thereby allowing you to manifest your deepest desires. Energy is all that is in the Universe. While physical body is a denser form of energy, the mind, soul and the omni-present consciousness are subtler respectively. Our negative thoughts and emotions of Anger, greed, hatred, Egoism etc., obstruct the flow of cosmic energy to the physical body which is a major cause of most of the physical ailments.

The more is our inner purity of thoughts, emotions and action, the more we are in harmony with Prakriti (Nature) and the more we have the power to manifest our dreams.

Manifestation Meaning

Manifestation and abundance are an innate quality of supreme consciousness. Each moment you are manifesting a thought, feeling, emotion or action.

David R. Hawkins, a renowned spiritual seeker, physician and psychiatrist has presented a diagram of vibrational states of being in his book Power vs. Force. He plots the vibrational frequency with its corresponding emotion. If you wish to experience love and peace, raise your vibration corresponding to that which you wish to attract.


Like attracts like. By raising your vibration, you will, indeed, start attracting circumstances which match with that vibration. Even when you find circumstances are beyond your control, you can definitely control how you respond.

The crux is You are responsible…For everything!

The sooner we accept this as truth, the faster we can turn everything around in our life. Appreciation and Gratitude create an immediate abundant vibration instantly.

Manifestation explained through the principles of Energy and Consciousness

All of existence can be viewed as a manifestation of energy and consciousness.

All manifestation is characterized by vibration, which is proportional to the amount of energy and consciousness residing in a unit of matter.

The higher the energy and consciousness, higher is the vibration. 

Chit is analogous to Consciousness

Bliss is the mystical experience of higher energies in consciousness.

By changing the state of vibrations, the state of consciousness is changed.

And by changing the state of consciousness, its vibrational levels (frequency) can be modified.

All sensations and feelings like love, fear, pain, pleasure etc arise from an interplay of different vibrations and energy levels.

The trio of active Energy, Consciousness and Principles is perceived as space, time and matter. In Eastern Scriptures it is known as Sat-Chit-Ananda or Truth-Consciousness-Bliss. Sat (Truth) is simply the laws or principles behind manifestation, in this case the higher laws.

What are the Panch Koshas – Five Sheaths of Consciousness

The concept of Koshas has originally been given in the Brahmanandavalli Chapter ofthe Taittiriya Upanishad. It describes the layers of human consciousness and the dimensions of the Self.

It helps us understand what is ‘self’ and what is ‘non-self’. The main cause of human suffering (“klesha”) as mentioned in Patanjali yoga sutras 2.3 thru 2.9 is the lack of ability to distinguish between self and non-self and is termed “Avidya” (ignorance). Avidya (not knowing The Real Nature Of Things), Asmita (Egoism), Raga (Attachment), Dvesa (Aversion) And Abhinivesa (Fear Of Death) are the Five Klesas (Afflictions). The lack of awareness of Reality, the sense of egoism or ‘I-am-ness’, attractions and repulsions towards objects and the strong attachment for life are the causes of all miseries in life. It is Avidya which prevents us from realizing our true nature (the self) represented by our soul (Atma). As we develop an understanding of the five koshas, it helps us slowly peel off these layers and bring us closer to our true identity.

Panch Koshas comprise of

A. The Sthulasarira(Annamayakosha).

B. The suksmasarira(Pranamaya Kosha, Manomaya Kosha & Vigyanmaya Kosha)  is made up of:


C. The Kaarana sarira (Anandamayakosha – blissful, the transcendental body). 

The atman is behind the veils of Panch Kosha. As the Panch koshas represents the ascent of human values therefore their study is useful in a scientific understanding of cosmology and evolution. 

How can we Manifest our Deepest Desires

 The principles of Manifestation in this Universe work in the same way as our Sukshma Sarira manifests a new body in every successive life. Based on the Karmic & Psychic impressions accumulated during our past lives, our causal body seeks a suitable womb and life conditions to re-birth. Every new life is an opportunity provided by consciousness to lighten our accumulated Karmas but owing to Avidya, most of us continue accumulating more karmas leading to more problems and miseries.

Reikidivinity Manifestation Process  


Manifestation Process

Manifestation happens at the level of our Sukshma Sarira or the Sub-conscious.  Subconscious can be accessed only when we are able to silence the chatter of mind and thoughts.

As one increases purity of inner self through Reiki Healing, relaxation and meditation and withdraw the sense of attachment with worldly objects, one moves beyond the mind, three gunas and Ego consciousness. The opposite to Ego consciousness is Universal oneness and love. Manifestation of your deepest desires then happens at this instant.

Reikidivinity Patanjali Yoga Sutra

“Yoga is stilling the fluctuations of the mind”


Panch Kosha Reiki through various special exercises and meditations, works on inner purification and alignment of all the Five sheaths of consciousness.

The practice of Panch Kosha Reiki healing and following its principles helps attain progressive inner purity and step into the universal consciousness of unconditional love, Acceptance and Forgiveness. Manifestation of our deepest desires specially if they are linked with the overall benefit of  the beings around us becomes much easier.