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कौन से कर्मों का फल पापमय नहीं होता? What Karmas Don’t Result In Sin? | Bhagavad Gita 2.38 |

हम सभी जानते हैं कि हम जो भी कर्म करते हैं, चाहे वह बुरे कर्म हों या अच्छे कर्म हों, हम उन सभी कर्मों के कार्मिक फल से बंध जाते हैं | वह हमारे संचित कर्म कहलाते हैं जो हमारे जन्म और मृत्यु के कारण बनते हैं.

For every action we do, we accumulate karma, whether it is bad karma or good karma. But do you know, as long as we perform our Karma, without any selfish motives, we will not be bound by any Karmic reactions?

The concept of Motive or the Intention behind doing any Karma, is a very profound gift of true knowledge from the Bhagavad Gita.

Lord Shri Krishna is telling Arjuna  to perform our Karma as an offering to the divine,  with complete devotion, without worrying about, the fruits of our Karma.

And this message is not for Arjuna alone. This message is also for all of us, as to How to fight our internal battle, of delusion and ignorance, so that we finally win this battle of life, and merge with that one supreme consciousness.

Lord Shri Krishna Says

सुखदु:खे समे कृत्वा लाभालाभौ जयाजयौ |
ततो युद्धाय युज्यस्व नैवं पापमवाप्स्यसि || 38||

अर्थात हे अर्जुन तुम कर्तव्यों के पालन हेतु युद्ध करो, युद्ध से मिलने वाले सुख-दुख, लाभ-हानि को समान समझो। यदि तुम इस प्रकार अपने दायित्त्वों का निर्वहन करोगे तब तुम्हें कोई पाप नहीं लगेगा।

Fight for the sake of duty, समे कृत्वा  means treating alike सुखदु:खे  happiness and distress, लाभालाभौ or loss and gain, जयाजयौ or victory and defeat. Fulfilling your responsibility in this way, पापमवाप्स्यसि  you will never incur sin.

When we work with selfish motives, we create karmas, which bring about their subsequent karmic reactions.

But now Lord Krishna asks Arjuna, to fight for the sake of fighting, without worrying about happiness or distress, without worrying about victory or defeat, completely detaching himself from the fruits of his action. Lord Krishna says, “Arjuna if you do that, you will not incur any sin.”

When we give up our selfish motives, then our actions no longer create any karmic reactions. Lord Shri Krishna has introduced, this profound concept of motive or intention here. Motive or the Intent behind Karma is very important. For example, we all know murder is a sin, and the judicial law of every country treats it as a punishable offense.

However, if a soldier, kills an enemy soldier in the battle, he is not punished for it, rather, he is rewarded, he is appreciated and he is celebrated. This is because that soldier was merely doing his duty as a soldier, to defend his country. His actions are not motivated by any ill-will or personal motive; they are performed as a matter of duty towards the country.

When Lord Sri Krishna is advising Arjuna, that he should enter the war, keeping himself unaffected, by the mental emotions of pleasure and pain, by victory or defeat, he is teaching the Yoga of equanimity of the mind. This is the doctrine of Equipoise (सम भाव)  in action.

Equanimity leads to the purification of the heart and finally to liberation or Kaivalya.

यदि कोई व्यक्ति समभाव से कोई कार्य करता है, तो वह कर्म फल से बाध्य नहीं होगा। समभाव से हमारी चेतना की, हमारे हृदय की शुद्धि होती है और अंत में यह पथ हमें मुक्ति या कैवल्य की ओर ले जाता है।

A basic principle of yoga, is that Practicing mental equilibrium removes delusion. Anyone who remains undisturbed by the emotions of attachment and aversion or raga and dvesha, finds his way to liberation in the blessedness of Spirit.

Maharishi Patanjali calls these as five kleshas:

अविद्यास्मितारागद्वेषाभिनिवेशाः क्लेशाः॥२.३॥

Avidya means Ignorance, asmita means ego consciousness, raga means attachments, dvesha means our aversions and abhinivesha meaning fear of life are the are the five Klesas of life.

मन के समत्व भाव में रहने से, जीवन की वास्तविक सफलता निश्चित होती है। केवल  समभाव में स्थित हुआ मन ही, वासनाओं के निस्सारण का मार्ग बनता है। यह मार्ग जब अहंकार और स्वार्थ से अवरुद्ध होता है तब वासनाओं के क्षय के स्थान पर असंख्य नयी वासनाएँ उत्पन्न होती जाती हैं। परन्तु कर्मयोग की भावना से कर्म करते हुये, अन्तकरण की शुद्धि होती है। यही तो मोक्ष का, कैवल्य का मार्ग है.

We are all Spiritual warriors. We must constantly keep fighting, our inner enemies of restlessness, of delusion, of temptation. When our mind becomes free from the waves of emotional disturbances, we will find within our soul, the clear reflection of God.

When we refuse to surrender to the attractions and aversions of this world, when we listen to our Intellect and the power of Discrimination, only then we are able to design an extraordinary life for ourselves.

पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदं पूर्णात्पुर्णमुदच्यते

पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते

शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः

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