International Yagna Yajna Sudhanshu Goswami

International Yajna For Vastu Healing Of Home & World Environment

Yajna (यज्ञ)  or Yajneshwara (“Lord of Yajna”) is mentioned as an Avatar (Form) of the Hindu God Lord Vishnu in the Bhagavata Purana.

Discover the power of peace within you.
World peace begins with inner peace. 
Let us Join Hands To Heal Our Homes Which Would Heal World Environment.

Whether You Participate Or You Perform Yajna, Both Ways You Are Blessed.

Benefits Of Yajna:

At Global Level: Performing Yajna fosters World Peace, Combats Epidemics, Induces rains and Well Being.

At Individual Level: Performing Yajna impacts the gross & subtle worlds of Human Beings:

  1. Increases Sattva gun – Positive Vibrations – Symbolizes Cleanliness, Peace and Purity.
  2. Dissolves Negative Past Karma.
  3. Heals at Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Levels.
  4. Showers Happiness, Prosperity, Health, Wealth, Fame, Good Fortune, in the Material World, and Peace and Salvation in the Subtle World.
  5. Improves self-awareness, body awareness, and intuition.
  6. Nurture peaceful relationships with others.
Increase Your Positive Vibrations
Dissolve Your Negative Past Karma
Heal Your Physical, Mental & Spiritual Self.
Attract Prosperity, Wealth & Fame.

Participate FREE To Manifest Your Deepest Desires

Option 1 - Witness Yajna


  1. Take a संकल्प (Intention, Goal, Affirming Resolve) at the beginning of Yajna. – with Vedic Mantras
  2. Sit thru the Mantra Chantings to Heal Your Inner World.
  3. Offer the पूर्ण आहुति (Final Oblation) affirming your Sankalpa / Intention.

Option 2 - Perform Yajna Simultaneously


  1. Perform Yajna LIVE.
  2. Get Details of Preparations & List Of Materials beforehand.
  3. Follow LIVE Online Instructions To Perform Yajna with Vedic Mantras
  4. Heal Your Home and Environment.

Date & Time Of Yajna:

  1. Indian Time IST: 14th January, 2023, Saturday, 08:00 AM
  2. US Time PST: 13th January 2023, Friday, 06:30 PM

IMPORTANT: Research Proves that All Participants will receive the benefits of Yagna Irrespective of Location/Distance – Spiritual Science Research Foundation.